February 13, 2014

Deform Project: Outside the Center of Myself

This album, re-released on February 13th 2014, was originally issued on CD in a limited edition of 300 copies. It was issued together with Carl Abrahamsson's art fanzine BULT in the year 2000.

Outside the Center of Myself is the second proper solo recording by Carl Abrahamsson. The first, initially called Trip Tease and recorded in 1994, was never issued on record but saw the light of day in digital form in 2006, then with some recent tracks added as a bonus under the title No Longer Longer. This album will also be re-issued by Highbrow Lowlife in February 2014.

Outside the Center of Myself is a depressive journey through appropriation and misappropriation, apathy and melancholia, anemia and amnesia, psychopathic criminality and extensive escapism. The tracks were all recorded in a live mix (all first takes) in the summer of 1999, and were then superbly mixed/produced by Krister Linder.

Shortly after this, Abrahamsson teamed up with White Stains member Thomas Tibert again after an eight year hiatus, and the Cotton Ferox saga commenced.

Outside the Center of Myself is now available in the digisphere for sale and streaming!


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