February 3, 2014

Cotton Ferox spring concerts 2014

Cotton Ferox will play two concerts this spring.

The first one will be a special Highbrow Lowlife extravaganza at Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden, on Saturday, May 3rd. This was previously booked for March 21st, but has now been catapulted forwards in time.

Cotton Ferox will host this audiovisual whopper together with Kroll Splint (SE), Möll & Juel (DK), Bartek Samitowski (PL), Gustaf Broms (SE) and Karl Max (SE). Expect the exceptional! Music, poetry, films, performance, jazz and multicolored ambient in one big jug of synaptic happiness spelled H-I-G-H-B-R-O-W-L-O-W-L-I-F-E.

The second concert will be together with UK artist Angela Edwards at the Here To Go 2014-festival in Trondheim, Norway, on Friday, May 30th. This will not be a "traditional" Cotton Ferox concert (if there ever was such a thing), but rather a public voodoo ritual with very specific purposes created by Ms Edwards.

There will be other very exciting international acts at the Here To Go 2014 festival, so please keep your eyes and ears open for more news.

Thank you for listening to our music and coming to our concerts!

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