September 23, 2013

New Mushroom Clouds video

The video for the song The Sun of Man by The Mushroom Clouds has just been uploaded to our YouTube channel. It features the lovely Sara George as the heroine. The song is taken from the EP with Elisabeth Punzi & The Mushroom Clouds called EP I.

After a day of frolicking in the verdure of the mind, our heroine confronts inevitable reality by going to sleep. Reflections on an eventful day in the sun mirror her present emotions and it all becomes one big pleasant haze in which there is neither sleep nor wakefulness but just (?) an anthem of the imagination: The Sun of Man. The song reverberates deep inside her body until it's time to wake up again. And then it starts all over... "I spin around forever and hope to land some day... The sun of man will feed me in a very special way..."

September 19, 2013

Test 130919

Testing a brand new blog for integration into the Highbrow Lowlife site!