December 1, 2013

First Time Hurts re-released

Today, Highbrow Lowlife re-releases Cotton Ferox' debut album from 2002, First Time Hurts. After Thomas Tibert and myself had decided in the year 2000 to make some more music after an almost ten year hiatus, this first album became a longed for, eclectic and truly weird record.

To balance my own acute logorrhea in this attempt at spoken-wordism, we made sure to include some better and more competent figures: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on the tracks Snake Hiss and Amenema and Michael Moynihan reading his own translation of one of Ernst Jünger's early and highly poetic war texts. Not forgetting the finishing pièce de résistance Phantasmoplasm, written together with and sung by our dear friend and musical genius Krister Linder.

In all, the album is an ambitious attempt to leave the primitive but still powerful experimentalism of White Stains (1987-1994) and delve into more traditional musical structures. I think we succeeded quite well and I still enjoy listening to this album some 12 years down the road. We hope you will too, of course.

Carl Abrahamsson, Stockholm, December 1st 2013.

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