October 11, 2013

A new Cotton Ferox single

A new Cotton Ferox single has just been released on Highbrow Lowlife. The first track is called Polished Black Bunnies and was a originally issued on a CD comp in Poland back in 2010. The other one is called Prism Break, and is actually released here for the first time. It was originally scheduled to be on a CD comp in honor of filmmaker and magician Kenneth Anger, but it seemingly never came out. The basic structure was used by The Mushroom Clouds for the song All Alone (also available on Highbrow Lowlife), but it's still like two very different songs.

We hope you enjoy this little single! Available now all over the digisphere. Please buy from the Highbrow Lowlife web shop.

Some more videos have been uploaded to our Youtube Channel. The most ambitious one is Elisabeth Punzi & The Mushroom Clouds' The Sun of Man, taken from the EP I release.

Some archival videos have been uploaded too: One from the original Psychick TV & White Stains album At Stockholm, and one from Sinnelag and Understen respectively.

Please have a look at these peculiar little films here. You never know: they might change your day for the better!

All the bestest greetoids from Highbrow Lowlife HQ!

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